The central focus of the Maslow project is to bring the cost of living down to or as close to zero as possible through the interconnected incentivisation of mutually assured survival in the context of a architecturally reimagined apartment / life univeristy building, and community farm, visa ve, a sustainabillity machine, with the functions of survival embedded in the architectural environment, seemlessly assisting employed residents and their families to live on a kind of raised floor of survival, one that ensures access to Masllows lowest hierechi of needs, and progressively more levels of needs as met by community alleviated poverty and shared smart goals.

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Apply to live, work & learn at a Maslow as a resident citizen. The goal is to solve Maslow's hierarchy of needs from the ground up. Literally. We are building the living habitats of the future where the lowest levels of Maslow has environmentally and structurally integrated survival built in. Are you ready to build the future?

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There are many ways to contribute, we need all hands on deck from all fields to make this work. We can't hire and pick the right people, but we trust the right people will find us.

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The goal for applicants is to work at the Maslow facility to provide a level of living for the other residents, such that their basic needs are met through communally incentivized efforts. By reducing the cost of living for 50-70% of the building, all income generated by those individuals is therefore pure income. This will channel into and be invested in community startups and businesses as a function of the 50% citizen contribution stake. If at the end of the year, the cost of living was consistently reduced for all residents, the remainder of the funds not invested or spent on the management of the building, will be returned to residents. This gives everyone an active yearly goal, fully aligned to live as sustainably as possible.

0 cost of living

The building works together to collectively bring the cost of living to zero.

Smart governance

The Maslow app re-imagines what a government app could look like if it was built in 2022.

Collaborative community

Our beginnings as a species is embedded with the advantage of collaboration and group consensys.

Diverse opportunity

This sets a new standard of living, where basic needs are met. Imagine the innovative ventures of a society where the boot of poverty is lifted from the necks of its people.

🌳 5-10 Member Family or Friends

🌳 2 Roles per apartment allocated to the farming unit

🌳 All residents must attend life university

🌳 Escalating rent-to-own model

🌳 5-10 Year commitment

🌳 Community involvement required



We need contributions from all walks of life. The core mission of the Maslow project is to bring the cost of living down to zero for the citizens of a Maslow building. The fields required to do so range from food production, water and waste management, recycling, energy production, architecture and construction. If you consider the human being an organism with a monthly set of inputs and outputs required for ongoing survival, then its a matter of calculating what those are and aligning skills, plans, money and resources in such a way that those needs are met by the structurally engineered environment of those organisms. We believe that the technology and know-how exists, that when arranged in an optimal manner, can facilitate mutually assured survival.

But solving the physical realm of basic needs and survival is only 50% of the problem. Human co-ordination and collaboration needs to be facilitated by software that connects and builds incentives into the physical structure. People need a way to track their involvement in the ecosystem, from paying the escalating rent-to-own apartment model, to contributing in their communities and managing their money. What would the best national government app look like, if it were designed today, from scratch? Maslow was not possible before the internet and the blockchain. We have the technical and design knowledge today to completely redesign how humans manage themselves in the context of the Maslow re-imagined apartment building model.

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